Executive Director’s Report — July 2017

  • The design of the G&W/CF&E Railroad Bridge over Deep River is on schedule. The design is expected to be complete in September and will then be ready to bid.
  • The Kennedy Avenue Bridge design is progressing with the anticipation of bidding in 2018 and construction in 2019
  • The Harrison Avenue Bridge design is on schedule with bidding expected later this year for construction in 2018.
  • USACE inspections of have been completed and they went well. A few minor repairs need to be completed, but all indicates that we should receive at least a minimally acceptable rating on all segments. A meeting was held last Thursday at the Chicago location of the USACE to review the reports. A final report should be available by September.
  • The Gary North Levee Paving project will begin soon. This project paves the tops of the levees from Chase Street to Martin Luther King Blvd.
  • Also starting soon is the Hammond Levee Paving Project. This project will pave the tops of the levees from Calumet Avenue to Northcote.

Update from the USACE—

Natalie Mills from the USACE gave the following updates:

  • Progress with crediting continues as $740,000 crediting package was approved.
  • Work continues at the Hobart Marsh Mitigation Project. This is a five year contract, with the contractor continuing to work on clearing and debris removal.
  • The State Line Tie Back Project is progressing. The contractor recently completed the concrete portion of the project and started the earthen levee portion. The contractor anticipates completion of the earthen levee by this Saturday. Notices were sent to residents regarding parking restrictions in the area while the work is ongoing. There will still be seeding and restoration work to be completed.

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